Tuesday August 30, 2016
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  • MISSION:  Empowerment today for a better tomorrow

    Golden Future prides its reputation on empowering youth to
    help foster and promote sustainable change in the Khayelitsha
    townships around Cape Town. Golden Future does this by
    hosting interactive modules with high school students in the
    following areas:
    • Career Planning
    • Sexual Health
    • Community Resource Awareness
    • Golden Future also travels into the community to mentor small business owners providing entrepreneurial advice.


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     Help foster and promote sustainable change by emphasizing

    • Personal health awareness
    • Self-esteem
    • Self-empowerment
    • Economic sustainability and growth
    • Entrepreneurial thinking and providing information on South African Federal grants and loans
    • Raise awareness about HIV/AIDs in the hopes of decreasing spread of HIV/AIDs, unwanted preg-nancies and instances of children left in orphanages. 
    • Foster social responsibility and community development initiatives.
    • Expand the project to other cities in South Africa including Durban & Johannesburg.





The Golden Future project has started many loyal and long lasting relationships that will continue to be built upon. The efforts of sponsors, students, South Africans, and those touched by this project, will culminate into lifelong special relationships and memories. Sponsorship provides the unique opportunity to involve current and prospective clients and other stakeholders.


Social and corporate responsibility is a rising concern among many consumers. The Golden Future project is dedicated to encourage organizations to set themselves apart from competitors and become global leaders by supporting change and innovation in diverse communities. Sponsorship in the Golden Future project provides you with the opportunity to enhance your organization’s public image and positioning by affiliating it with community fostering events and associated media coverage.


It is today’s youth that will lead the world of tomorrow. It is each generation’s responsibility to develop, train, and invest in the leaders of tomorrow, creating a promising and brighter future. The Golden Future project allows today’s youth to build strong leadership skills and set a global example of social responsibility, humanitarianism, and positive change.

Mailing Address

Golden Future South Africa
120 Eglinton Ave. Suite 1100
Toronto, ON, Canada
M4P 1E2

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